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Client Testimonial

"I have been a client of Christy Yale for 10 years. She does my monthly bookkeeping and yearly taxes. I have found her to be consistently accurate and precise in her work. She is very tenacious in getting me to claim all my deductions and do the work I need to help her save me money on my taxes every year. I have never had a better tax preparer and that includes several CPA's. I hope she will be my bookkeeper and tax preparer all the rest of my years. She is also a valuable, honest and helpful person of great integrity."
Helen Garcia
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Customized Financial Bookkeeping Solutions

Financial data is the heartbeat of a thriving business - often the crux of essential business decision-making.  So why struggle trying to balance the books when you can spend your valuable time working on growing your business?

You have more options than you may recognize. Christy's Bookkeeping Services understands the critical need for business owners to have access to their financial information.  Peace of mind is knowing that reports are accurate and current, and that your payroll is properly handled.

Your business can operate more efficiently and effectively with the right financial framework in place. Christy's Bookkeeping Service can become your full-service virtual accounting team - offering the right financial solution tailored for your unique business requirements.

Christy's Bookkeeping Service offers a full range of Bookkeeping Services - customized to meet your specific needs.

Please visit our Questions Section for more information or call Christy at (303) 450-1115 to get started.

"Specializing in providing structured bookkeeping services to meet your specific business needs."