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Client Testimonial

"Christy is a fantastic person to work with and an excellent teacher. She is incredibly thorough and takes the time to walk us through things until we are comfortable doing them on my own. She's extremely flexible and works with me as little or as much as I require. Her attention to detail has saved us many times. When I forget something she is right there with a reminder. She always responds to emails and calls for help in a timely manner. My remote sessions with her are easy and have turned me into the QuickBooks guru I need to be. Thanks Christy! You are an asset to my company."
Dan Chick

Questions To Ask Yourself

Does your business need an outside bookkeeping service?

Some businesses become stagnant because they do not utilize their financial reports, others struggle to stay out of the red because they lack proper financial records. Some businesses are simply not aware of their financial standing until they complete their income tax returns.

Businesses often lack the structure, time or knowledge for adequate record keeping. Fortunately those pit falls can be remedied.

Are your financial reports working for you?

The ability to review your financial situation strongly affects your ability to make informed decisions, corrections, and projections for the future of your business. Computerized accounting offers greater reporting capability while saving you several steps over a manual process. Timely and useful reports will help to make better financial decisions.

To maintain industry standards and maximize profits you may need comprehensive financial reporting. 

Do you have effective procedures, controls & proper financial records?

Depending on the size and type of business, minimal record keeping systems can be put into place that only require a small amount of training to maintain. Systems (simple or complex) can be customized to meet your needs.

Does your record keeping need fine tuning?

Allow me to evaluate your record keeping and then give helpful recommendations. Better organization and streamlined procedures will free up valuable time. You'll have faster access to more accurate information without adding new, ongoing expenses. Is your accounting software producing what you really need? Let me help you make it a tool - not a burden.

Is your record keeping satisfactory but you don't have the time to complete it when you need it?

Out source payroll, check writing, bank reconciliation and you will save time. This will allow you to be more effective in other areas.

Reduce your stress by removing one or more record keeping functions from your regular duties.

Can you afford the time for complete "in house" bookkeeping?

Many operators have the resources and ability to prepare and review their own financial records. Would the preparation time and resources be better spent on sales, receivables or marketing?

If the answer is yes, it may be more cost effective to pay for an outside bookkeeping service so you can focus on the "business" of your business.

What are your needs?

All businesses need proper reporting of sales, payroll, cash receipts, disbursements and expenses. Some industries have additional accounting and reporting standards to comply with. Your records will be processed within your industry standards.

Whatever your needs from procedures & controls, from tip reporting to construction detail job costing, to tax preparation Christy's Bookkeeping Service can assist you.